Dovan Hydropower: Pioneering Clean Energy in Nepal’s Solukhumbu District

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In the Solukhumbu District of Province No. 1 in Nepal, a company makes a big difference in clean energy. It’s called Dovan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd., and they’re working with the Junbesi Khola Hydropower Project. It’s a project that generates power from a river (ROR) and has a capacity of 5.2 MW. This project, located between longitudes 86º32’40″E to 86º34’29″E and latitudes 27º33’15″N to 27º35’08″N, is important for the region’s future. Let’s learn more about the company, the people behind it, and the project everyone is discussing.

Dovan Hydropower IPO 

Dobhan HydroPower Company appointed Sanima Capital as the issue manager for its upcoming IPO. The agreement was signed between the MD of the hydro company Mr Puranjan Rai, and the merchant bank’s CEO, Sanima Capital, Mr Bishm Raj Chalise.

The Dovan hydropower (dobhan hydropower) will issue 22.80 lakh unit shares to the general investors worth Rs 22.80 crore. More info is yet to be announced. Keep checking this post for future updates.

Dovan Hydropower Pvt Ltd.

Dovan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. was started in April 2007, and it has become a known player in Nepal’s renewable energy sector. They’re all about using the power of water to create clean and sustainable energy solutions.

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M/s Gorkhas Millennium Investment P. Ltd., M/s Gurkhas Investment P. Ltd., M/s Gurkhas Power Plus P. Ltd., M/s Temke Hydro Investment P. Ltd., and Mr Gopal Kumar Talchawari promote Dovan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. They had a vision and invested a lot of money to make the Junbesi Khola Hydropower Project happen. 

On February 14th, 2023! Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. signed an agreement with Dovan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. for Construction Supervision for the Junbesi Khola Hydropower Project. Working together, these two companies bring much experience and knowledge to ensure the project goes well.

Junbesi Khola Hydropower Project.

The Junbesi Khola Hydropower Project is located in the Solukhumbu District. It’s a project that uses the power of a river to generate electricity. It can produce 5.2 MW of clean power! They designed it with a fancy flow rate and a head thingy, which helps the water flow properly and creates electricity. This project has many parts, like the water thingy, the intake thingies, and the powerhouse thingy. The powerhouse is in Najing village, near the Junbesi Khola River.

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