Sagar Distillery Limited IPO: Pioneering Progress in the Distillery Sector

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Sagar Distillery Limited is a popular name in the liquor business in Nepal. It was founded in 2014 and has been producing and selling various brands of vodka and whiskey in Nepal. Its famous brands are Royal Blue, Grey Wolf, Berries and Blue.

The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Devchuli, Nawalpur, and follows strict quality standards and hygiene protocols. The company has a loyal customer base and a robust nationwide distribution network.

IPO Details 

The company has decided to go public and offer some of its shares through an IPO. Anyone interested can apply and be a part of the company as a shareholder. 

The company is securing an impressive Rs 7.50 crores through its IPO, a significant 15 percent of its robust total capital of Rs 50 crores.

The company will use the money from the IPO to expand its production capacity, upgrade its technology, and enter new markets.

The IPO will be managed by Muktinath Capital Limited, a well-known financial institution that provides various services such as investment banking, merchant banking, portfolio management, and securities trading. Muktinath Capital will handle all the technical aspects of the IPO, such as setting the price, collecting the applications, conducting the IPO, and distributing the shares.

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The IPO will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the company will offer shares to the foreign employed Nepalis (FENs), Nepali citizens working abroad. The government made a special provision to encourage FENs to invest in Nepal and support the economy. In the second phase, the company will offer shares to the general public, including the mutual fund schemes and the company’s employees.

The IPO is expected to be launched soon after getting approval from the Securities Board Of Nepal (SEBON), the authority regulating the securities market in Nepal. SEBON will check if the company meets all the legal and financial requirements for issuing an IPO.

The IPO will be open for a certain period, during which anyone who wants to apply for the shares can do so through online platforms or physical forms.

After the application period, the allotment of the shares will be done through a lottery system, which means that only some people who apply will get the shares. The lucky ones who get the shares will become shareholders of Sagar Distillery Limited and enjoy the benefits of owning a part of a growing company.

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Investing in IPOs can be risky but rewarding, depending on market conditions, company performance, and investor demand. Always thoroughly research and consider your investment options before making any financial decisions.

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