Tehrathum Power Company Limited’s (TPCL) IPO.

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The Securities and Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) has approved Terhathum Power Company Limited (TPCL) to conduct an initial public offering (IPO).

A total of 1.2 million shares will be offered to both project-affected locals and the general public at a face value of Rs 100 per share.

In the total of 1.2 million units being built, about 400,000 units worth Rs. 40 million will be awarded to project-affected residents, while approximately 800,000 units worth Rs. 80 million will be allocated to other affected citizens.

When the company launches its IPO, its paid-up capital will be Rs 400 million. NIBL Ace Capital is responsible for the IPO and sale of Terhathum Power Company Limited.

The Hydropower Company is constructing a 7.5 MW hydroelectric power plant in the upper Khorunga River in the Tehrathum district.

The timeline below contains historic events of the listing of Tehrathum Power Company ltd on NEPSE :-

2019-07-28 Terhathum Power Company announced the second AGM on Shrawan 32, 2076; endorsement of the decision to issue IPO among other agendas.
2019-09-08 ICRA Nepal provides a below-average grade to the proposed IPO of Terhathum Power Company.
2019-10-14 SEBON adds IPO issue of Terhathum Power Company Limited under preliminary review; 1.20 Million units of shares to be issued
2021-06-25 Tehrathum Power Co. Ltd Announced to Issue 12,00,000 Shares to Public
2021-07-12 IPO for project-affected locals of Terhathum District: Terhathum Power Company 4,00,000 units IPO shares from Shrawan 5
2021-07-20 Terhathum Power Opened Its IPO for Locals
2021-08-03 Last Day to Apply for IPO of Terhathum Power Company for Locals of Terhathum District
2021-08-15 Terhathum Power Company Limited Allots IPO Shares to Locals of Project-Affected Area
2021-08-25 IPO Open: Terhathum Power Company Issued 8 Lakh Units IPO Shares and oversubscribed 10 Times on the First Day Itself
2021-08-26 IPO of Terhathum Power Company Oversubscribed Over 23.52 Times As of Second Day
2021-08-29 IPO of Terhathum Power Company Limited Closes With 23,57,009 Applicants
2021-09-10 IPO Allotment of Terhathum Power Company Limited.

IPO Allotment of Terhathum Power Company Limited

On 2021-09-10, IPO Allotment of Terhathum Power Company Limited has been announced.

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Terhathum power company limited publishes its IPO results on September 10, 2021. Pre-allotment results for IPO show that from the 8,000,0000 units offered, 2% went to employees, 5% to mutual funds, and the remaining 7,44,0000 went to the general public. In total, 23,57,009 individuals applied for a total of 3,12,54,220 units, according to NIBL Ace Capital Limited issue manager.

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