Ultimate Guide To Check IPO Results In Nepal.

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If you are willing to find link of CDSC IPO result page ⇒  https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/

You want to check IPO results in Nepal and dont know how to do it ? 

You are in right place. 

Initial public offerings (IPO) is the first stage in the process of raising capital by selling shares in a company to the public. Companies go through IPO because they need money for growth or expansion.

In Nepal, checking results for your IPO is difficult, especially for first-time applicants. Results of IPOs are often listed on different websites. In this blog, we are going to discuss these sites in detail, and how to check IPO results in Nepal.

What is an IPO?

The initial public offering is a process of issuing shares for the first time by a publicly listed company. The initial public offering is a way for companies to raise funds by selling and releasing company shares to the general public.

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An IPO opens up the opportunity for investors to buy the share at face value. A company’s IPO is a way for its founders to raise capital and for early investors to earn a return on their investments.

 In order to hold an initial public offering (IPO) In Nepal, companies must meet regulations set by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

Offering shares through the primary market provides companies with an opportunity to raise capital.

Here we are more focused on checking the IPO results in Nepal hence let’s dive into it.

Best websites to check IPO results in Nepal.

We have listed here all the best websites to check IPO results with details along with screenshots when we think are required to understand how it works.


meroshare.cdsc.com.np is a service run by CDSC. CDS and Clearing Limited is Nepal’s central depository, clearing, and settlement service. MeroShare offers information about a company’s history, including its financials and the date of any recent IPO. The website is available in the Nepali language as well as English.

The procedure to check IPO results in Meroshare is as follows:-

  • Go to meroshare.cdsc.com.np
  • Select your Depository Participant – Here you need to enter your bank’s DPID. ( You can find Your bank’s DP Id here.)
  • Enter your username – Username is your “BOID“. ( To understand more on BOID check what is BOID
  • Enter your password – This is your meroshare password, which you might have changed while first logging into this site.
  • Click Login
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Screenshot of login screen of Meroshare to check IPO Results in Nepal
Login Screen of Meroshare

As you are logged in, go to the down left side of the screen and click my ASBA, (Check the Image below)

Screen to selete My ASBA inside Meroshare: Process to check IPO Results in Nepal
Click My ASBA

Now click on Application Report.

Screenshot of Application Roports inside meroshare to check IPO Results in Nepal
Click Application Report

Click on the “Report” blue button.

Chcking IPO Results In Nepal
Result Button to check IPO Result

On the results page, you can see the results of the IPO you applied for.

If you are lucky enough you will have the result as “Allotted” along with the allotted numbers of shares based on your applied quantity.

IPO is allotment confirmation Screen inside Meroshare. : Checking IPO Results in Nepal
IPO Allotment Confirmation

The Portal of CDSC.

Recently, CDSC has launched a new portal to handle the huge spike in IPO’s web traffic.

The following steps will help you check the IPO allotment results from CDSC Website.

  • Go to https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/
  • Select the company for which you are checking the IPO results.
  • Enter your 16-digit BOID Number. Don’t get confused. BOID number is nothing but your Demat account number. You can find your Demat number from the “My Details” page of the Meroshare platform.
  • If you do not have a meroshare account, you can find your BOID with Depository participants. This is the bank which you create your Demat account with.

screenshot of cdsc to check Ipo results in Nepal
Screenshot of cdsc Ipo results checking page

The IPO Issue Manager’s website.

Additionally to our first method, this method is one of the best alternatives to check the results of IPO. It is compulsory to have IPO results to be published by Issuing company in Nepal.

Go to IPO releasing company’s official website and enter your DEMAT account number or BOID code. This is one of the alternatives to find the IPO Results.

Other alternative ways to find IPO Results In Nepal

Other ways to find IPO results are by going to the following links and provide the company name and BOID.

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  • https://www.sharesansar.com/ipo-result
  • NepShare Bulk IPO Checker ( App for mobile to check IPO in Bulk in Nepal )

  • Mr. Nepse Bulk IPO Checker ( App for mobile to bulk check IPO in Nepal)  

  • Sharehub Bulk IPO Checker App.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in your search for information about how to check the results of an IPO with Meroshare and other websites. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at. Thank you so much for reading!


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